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IT Viareggio - Italia

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La scuola

Descrizione della scuola

The school is located in a two storey building right across from a traffic-free park. Its central location makes it easy to access the popular market place and the beach with all its shops and restaurant.

Competence and professionalism for those who also want to take advantage of the region's cultural treasures.

We have been teaching Italian since 1988. The high-quality teaching offered by the school is more and more strengthened by teachers’ meetings and observations in class.

The school is loocated in the city center, only 300 meters from the beach.
Viareggio is calle the "Pearl of the Thyrrenian sea".

Our teachers, experts in teaching Italian to foreign students, are there for the students, to guide them, motivate them and help them in their learning. The high-quality teaching offered by the school is more and more strengthened by teachers’ meetings and observations in class.

We place great emphasis on our selection and training of teachers. We look for lively, well-educated, motivated, interesting people who will be capable of motivating all their students.

They must be native Italian speakers and have a University degree; in addition, they have prepared themselves for their inter-cultural task through intensive studies covering various topic areas; they have been trained in both traditional and more modern teaching methods and frequently use role-play, rhythm excercises and word games.

Descrizione dei servizi ed attrezzature

- full internet service

- an out door terrace, gazebo, and a small garden

- wheelchair access

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Tipologie dei corsi

Au pair
Corsi a casa del professore
Corsi a scopo accedemico
Corsi Business/Executives
Corsi collettivi per gruppi
Corsi di addestramento per professori
Corsi di preparazione esami ufficiali
Corsi di preparazione scuola superiore
Corsi di preparazione universitaria
  Corsi e campus estivi
Corsi generali ed intensivi
Corsi per + di 50 anni
Corsi Plus (sport, cultura, etc.)
Corsi privati
Corsi specializzati per scopi specifici
High School
Programmi con esperienza lavorativa
Vacanze studio per adulti
Vacanze studio per giovani

Attestati, diplomi & preparazione esami

AIL 'Firenze' Diplomas

Nazionalità degli studenti, età media & numero di alunni per classe

In summer time ( July and August ) we have more young students (more than 50 % are aged 16 - 22 years).

In the rest of the year we have not teenagers.


- a half day excursion to Pisa or Lucca or Carrara or Pieatrasanta every week

- 'spaghetti party' on the beach every Thursday


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A casa del professore
Corsi senza alloggi
  Famiglia ospitante
Residenza studentesca

Trasferimento aeroporto/stazione

On request we can arrange a transfer for you from Pisa Airport to your accommodation in Viareggio.

The closest Airport is Pisa Airport (Galileo Galilei), about 25 Km far away. You can get to Viareggio easily by train. Other airports are the Florence Airport (90 Km), Rome Fiumicino airport ( 370 Km ), and Milan airport (350 Km).

Assistenza per ottenere un Visto

You can verify here if you need a Visa:

Till 90 days ask ever a Tourism Visa.

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Via Amerigo Vespucci, 173
Codice postale : 55049
Città : Viareggio
Paese : Italy

Website :

Latest student review

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Susanna M.

Commento di Susanna M. (Austria)

publicato a Novembre 2011 - Austria

Tolle Erfahrung

Die Location der Sprachschule war einfach perfekt: Meer, Sonne, Strand, Shopping und viele tolle Lokale, einen besseren Ort fürs Italienischlernen wird man kaum finden. Der Kurs selbst war enorm abwechslungsreich, ich habe in der einen Woche ziemlich viel gelernt ohne je das Gefühl gehabt zu haben, wieder die Schulbank zu drücken, was vermutlich auch an dem netten, lockeren Ambiente und den lustigen Mitstudenten gelegen hat. Mir hat's in Viareggio wirklich gut gefallen!

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